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Jet was given different kinds of power, either a healing power or a magic one. It was believed that jet could cure people from some diseases such as cataract and scrofula. Jet, in the shape of the “figa”, was also given a magic character, specially by protecting people against bad spells.

The “figa” is a tight closed fist with the thumb coming out between the forefinger and the middle finger. It is believed to protect against the power some people have to cast bad spells over others by just looking at them. The person who is under a spell suffers noticeably. Children and the elderly are prone to suffer from bad spells.

This symbol, which was used in the Iberian peninsula and became popular in America due to Spanish influence, was forbidden by the Church. The Church considered the “figa” a dangerous pagan symbol. In order to disguise it, craftsmen used to print different carvings on it such as geometric designs or even religious images.